Smart energy management

AEX Space energy management technology delivers enhanced flying times no competitor can meet

Because each environment and mission nature can benefit from a dedicated energy management protocol in sync with custom formulation of battery cells

Custom algorithm

Custom algorithm

Smart energy management is achieved by extensive fine-tuning of our energy management algorithm 

  • Dynamic recognition of energy usage patterns
  • Parameterizable set of mission profiles
  • Long term pattern statistic log
  • Profiles updatable according to data log
Parametric based

Parametric based

 Custom avionics for the acquisition of environment parameters feed our energy management algorithm
  • Air density monitoring
  • Kinematic air viscosity monitoring
  • Air temperature monitoring
  • Prediction by surroundings observation
LiPo formulation

LiPo formulation

Both ambient and performance factors define a unique behaviour profile that can be best fit with a custom Polymer formulation

  • Optimal charge delivery
  • Optimal peak charge delivery capacity
  • Optimal charging profile
  • Elongated top performance lifespan