Full Autonomous Operation

    Advanced automation capabilities

    AEXSpace Aeronautics takes drone technology a step ahead with advanced automation. These state-of-the-art drones operate autonomously, showcasing unparalleled independence in a wide range of tasks.

    Equipped with cutting-edge navigation systems, they redefine unmanned flight and unlock limitless potential for the future of aerial operations.


    Enhancing Autonomous Drone Operations with AI-Controlled System

    Our Aerial-Backed Operational Control system, powered by AI technology, offers enhanced autonomy to drone operations.

    With its off-ground decentralised mission control, this advanced system seamlessly monitors and directs the drone's flight path, mission objectives, and data collection as a centralized aerial platform. It provides a flexible and efficient solution for managing and overseeing drone activities, expanding the possibilities of aerial missions and applications.

    Unique drone swap solution for
    Continuous, Unmanned Operations

    Introducing our groundbreaking solution: a unique coordinated drone swap system that operates without human intervention and ensures uninterrupted operations for extended periods of weeks or even months.

    This innovative system enables seamless transitions between drones in the air and drones on the ground for battery charging, eliminating the need for manual intervention or operational pauses. As one drone completes its assigned mission, it automatically lands and transfers its tasks to another drone with a full battery, ensuring uninterrupted operation and continuous productivity.

    This remarkable capability sets a new industry standard, maximizing operational efficiency and enabling sustained unmanned operations over extended durations.


    Advantages of unmanned
    All-Weather Flight Operations

    Unmanned all-weather flight operations offer numerous advantages. They eliminate the need for human presence, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted missions. This enhances safety by removing personnel from hazardous environments and enables operations in challenging weather conditions.

    The combination of unmanned capabilities and all-weather resilience expands the scope and efficiency of aerial missions, providing improved situational awareness and increased operational flexibility.

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